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Flycup, free to move

Flycup Single

1 food compartment + 1 drink compartment

Flycup Double Drink

2 drink compartments + 1 food compartment

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Flycup Twin

2 food compartments + 1 drink compartment

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Flycup is the packaging that revolutionizes the consumption experience for your customers. 


We have designed a convenient product that allows you to eat and drink freely on the go thanks to its 3-in-1 function that allows you to grab your entire menu with only one hand.

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Testez la mise en place des Flycup !

Thanks to our more convenient packaging, our customers are selling more menu items, which is helping them increase their sales.

We conducted a study among Flycup users. Restaurant owners sell 11% more menus thanks to Flycup.

Are you convinced ?

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