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Flycup, free to move

Flycup Single

1 food compartment + 1 drink compartment

Flycup Double

2 drink compartments + 1 food compartment

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Flycup Twin

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2 food compartments + 1 drink compartment


Flycup is the packaging that revolutionizes the consumer experience for your events. 

Our 3-in-1 packaging allows you to hold your entire menu in one hand and have the other hand free. So it's much more convenient!  

Football stadiums, festivals or concerts, Flycup adapts to all types of events to meet your expectations and offer the best possible experience to your visitors.


Customize your Flycups

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Flycup can be transformed into a totally fun and innovative new communication tool!


Our products are 100% customizable! You can display your brand, your logos, your colors on the 4 clearly visible sides of the Flycup. Above all, you can display a partner there and thus offer him visibility at the heart of the event and directly in the hands of the customer.


QR codes, digital activations, contests... Extend the experience and offer yourself endless activation possibilities with Flycup!


Are you interested? 

Make an appointment! 

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