Enjoy a drink, a sandwich and a side dish, all with just two hands...

Who hasn't faced this problem before?

Olivier and Thomas had the bitter experience of it, during their first festival in the summer of 2016. They noticed the difficulty to eat and enjoy the concerts at the same time, as well as the excessive amount of waste linked to packaging. With this problem came up a simple idea: find an eco-responsible solution that makes it easy to eat on the go and reduce the amount of waste at events. 

Together with Jean-Baptiste, the designer, they created the first prototypes which they quickly tested with their entourage. 

Faced with positive feedback, they decide to collaborate with a design office to industrialize and patent their innovation.


Together with Guillaume, the financial manager, they create the brand Flycup, to revolutionize the on-the-go consumption experience by allowing the greatest number of people to eat easily, while limiting the impact on the environment.


We use all our experience in the food industry to create innovative solutions that respond to new consumer trends and the challenges our planet is facing.

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AN innovative and sustainable alternative

"Flycup is first and foremost unique eating experience that allows everyone to enjoy their meals anywhere, while limiting waste". 

Olivier Rousseau I Founder de Flycup

Flycup is also a studio created for your custom projects!