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Our concept

The genesis

In 2017, Olivier Rousseau and Thomas Egri, two of the founders of Flycup, participated in their first festival. However, they quickly became disillusioned when it came time to eat. They realized that it is impossible to eat while still enjoying the moment, i.e. concerts.


Forced to "settle down" somewhere, they would miss a part of the experience.

Therefore  a question came to mind: how do we offer more freedom during these moments of catering? The idea of Flycup was born: to conceive a new packaging format that would enhance freedom to those eating moments. 

Since then, the Flycup has traveled and spread throughout France. the concept of Flycup appeared as an evidence. A wind of freedom blows on the world of take-away. Take off with Flycup!

Make mealtimes freer

Our missions

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Offer a new moment of catering

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Increase takeaway

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Use eco-friendly products

The team

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Flycup's soul

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Flycup's voice

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Jean Baptiste

The Flycup Artist

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Flycup Balance

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Flycup's Wisp

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Flycup's Feather

Our latest articles

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